Certified Nurses Aide / Companion

We provide the following services:

Companion (Assistance needed with day-to-day activities)

• Planning and preparing meals
• Preparing future meals
• Laundry
• Light housekeeping
• Changing bed linens
• Taking out the trash

• Running errands
• Grocery shopping
• Pick up prescriptions
• Escort to religious services
• Attending club meetings or sporting events
• Attending plays and concerts

• Companionship
• Aid with reading
• Clothing selection
• Participate in crafts, games or cards
• Standby to assist with hygiene care
• Assist with evening care
• Assist with pet care
• Monitor diet and eating habits
• Company for meals
• Range of motion exercises

MH Nursing Service, Serving Wake County, NC

Certified Nursing Aide (CNA):

All of the services mentioned above plus total patient care including:

• Giving a bath, shower, tub bath or sponge bath
• Grooming nails, hair or skin
• Dressing for the day or bedtime
• Assisting with mobility
• Assisting with incontinence
• Planning and preparation of meals
• Transfers (form bed to wheelchair, etc.)
• Feeding
• Social Interaction
• Documentation of all care services provided
• Primary Caregiver assigned as well as a backup caregiver
• Continued follow-up care: Coordinator makes regular visits and telephone check-ins

MH Nursing Service, Serving Wake County, NC